Impromptu Day Trip

Other possible titles for this post: Three of My Favorite Places, Fon-Do I Ever, and You’re Gonna Need to Roll Me Out

In the middle of my run before training yesterday morning, I got a voicemail that one of my clients had cancelled. Shane and I took that as a sign that we should, indeed, head on over to Chicago-land.

First on the agenda was Ikea.


Shane and I have been wanting to get a new curtain/drape set for the kitchen, and I am supah excited about what we picked out! I can’t wait to hang them! They are very, very cute, and the ones we currently have in the kitchen are kind of…drab?

Though the cinnamon rolls were calling my name like woah, we forged on because food was in the near future.

But first, on to Trader Joe’s! If I’m going to be in the same town as a TJ’s, bottom line is I’ll be stopping in. End of story. $50 later…


A bunch of unnecessary, but delicious, items. I’m super excited about this one in particular:


As the cashier rang us up, she said, "these are amazing. I don’t know what chocolate nib clusters are, but they’re delicious.”



Plus, all of the “usuals” I pick up when I visit Trader Joe’s – almond butter, pre-cooked brown rice, hummus, half and half, olive oil, and Shane’s jalapeno cheese curls…

Finally, the reason for the trip:


Melting Pot!

We considered this our late Valentine’s Day dinner. We had actually gotten Thai food the Sunday before V-day, and then stayed in and had tapas in the kitchen the day of, so this was considered our “night out”

Night Out’s in quotes because we arrived at 4, and left after 6, haha :) It was considered lunner. Plus, we had almost atwo hour drive home – on a Sunday!

We’ve seriously been wanting to go here for the last three years, but have never actually stopped in until now! It did NOT disappoint

We went all out and got the cheese fondue + salad + wine:

IMG_1471 IMG_1134

the entree:


I got the vegetarian entree which included goodness like edamame, portabella, asparagus, artichoke, tofu, and goat cheese stuffed ravioli. Holy cow. And because Shane’s meal was the complete opposite of mine (think, all meat) I fondue’d first and just dumped my whole tray of veggies in the broth, and then fished them out with the search and rescue spoon.


A job, I apparently took very seriously 😉

And of course the dessert:


Ohhh, the dessert.


Heaven, dipped in dark chocolate, melted in my mouth.

Done. Stick a fork in ME!

Have you ever dined at the Melting Pot? Have you ever dined at a fondue place?

What’s your favorite store to buy home stuff?


Well I’m off to get in a little strength session before spin class this morning since my workout was cut short yesterday after my run (still no hip pain, btw!!) Running late, gotta go! 😀

Hope everyone has a great Monday! Mine is kind of a marathon…

-weights + spin




-back to train two more clients

-double header volleyball game tonight

Phew! I think it’ll be a Clif bar dinner 😉


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  1. OMG the Melting Pot is the definition of delicious! I’ve been there a few parties, bachelorette parties, yummy!! I always leave with a food baby residing in my belly! We don’t have one locally{thank goodness}.

    We don’t have an Ikea near us either, it’s about an hr away in Tampa, otherwise we’d probably be in trouble. I found a bed there that I want!!! Every single piece of furniture (besides our bed) in our house has been given to us. YAY! We don’t have any nice curtains right now.. I don’t know how I feel about curtains so I can’t throw down money on them. We got most of our artwork from my Dad when he moved, and I’ve picked up some things here & there from Bealles Outlet. I love Bealles Outlet. Our home is very beachy, and they have the greatest beach stuff!

    Well, I think I’ll end my comment here, it was like a blog post in it’s own.

  2. What a fun day! I’ve always avoided the melting pot because I had no interest in fonduing meat, but that’s an awesome plate of veggies! I may need to go now :)

  3. Your Sunday looks like it was fun, fun, fun. With a Monday like yours, you probably won’t have time to read my post:-( At least you get to begin with a spin class, I hope:-) I’m gonna take a short walk/run, teach one class, and spin tonight. Kind of an easy day for me.

  4. Oh goodness that looks amazing. The last time I had fondue was at the fondue restaurant on our honeymoon…. which was all inclusive so I definitely got my fill of fondue on that trip 😉

  5. When you come up to Chicagoland to go to Ikea and Trader Joe’s, do you go to the TJ’s and Melting Pot in Arlington Heights? Because if you do, you are literally down the street from me… hilarious.

    • Nah we just went to the Bolingbrook Ikea and then the Naperville TJ’s…so I guess “Chicago-land” is relative – Chicago and all its suburbs is Chicago-land to me? :)

  6. What a great day!<3 Ikea & TJs! TJs raw unsalted AB is one of my most favorite food items. And its been forever since I've been to melting pot, but that dessert! SO good.

  7. TJ’s…usually unnecessary, ALWAYS delicious. A few weeks ago a bunch of my friends and I made chocolate fondu with cut up strawberries, bananas and pound cake. We polished off the dipping items and decided to eat spoonfulls of the remainder of the chocolate. lesson of the night- fondue is delicious but dangerous on your tummy.

  8. TJs…often unnecessary, ALWAYS delicious.

    I can relate to the Fondue loooove. A few weeks ago my friends and I decided to make some chocolate fondue. We cut up some strawberries, bananas and pound cake to dip. We polished off the dipping items and decided that we should then just eat spoonfulls of the remaining chocolate. SO GOOD and SO NECESSARY.

  9. I hear eating at the melting pot is a longggg experience! I def want to try :)

  10. Hooray for day trips! I’ve always wanted to go to The Melting Pot, but I’ve never had the chance. The husband and I always go to IKEA when we need stuff, and even if we don’t find anything we have a good time wandering around.

  11. I’m not a huge fan of the Melting Pot, I went there for my 23rd b-day. I think the main problems was the service, plus I tried the meat thing which was just creepy. Glad you guys had a fun trip!

  12. Melting Pot, *drool*. I die for the dessert fondue!
    And Ikea and Trader Joe’s? sounds like a fun Sunday trip. It’s funny because we were going to head down to the Schaumburg Ikea as well yesterday, but the weather was funky up here and made for unsafe traveling. We could have ran into each other there!

  13. i can not believe u went to the Melting Pot before me…. looked amazing and i cant wait to go! when u come up next, we need to go to World Market, best home store ever! and you’d love love love it! :) MULU

  14. I have a Melting Pot not too far from me, but I almost fainted when I looked at the prices. =/

    That trail mix sounds right up my alley!

  15. Haha. I like how you just put the whole vegetable into the pot of cheese and then fished it out 😀 Lmbo.
    There is a Melting Pot in Charlotte that I’ve never been to, but heard good things about! I’ve also never been to IKEA (it’s okay to gasp in horror)! I want to go so bad, just need to get my butt up there! If it’s anything like others say it is, I will be wanting to buy the whole store! :)

  16. I love the Melting Pot! It’s so fun. We ate there as part of Restaurant Week in Houston – discounted prices for cheese fondue, an entree and dessert. I also got the vegetarian platter there – so, so good!

    Ikea is my favorite store for home goods. There’s one less than 10 minutes from our house, it’s so dangerous to have it so close!!


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