Cheating on Food Day

Today’s a food day here at the BIC. A food day is a day of celebration for birthdays or new coworkers, where everyone brings in a dish. I cheated, only because I was busy training clients until 8:00, followed by stuffing my face with a mug brownie.

I “made” trail mix chex:


Directions: Open 1 bag of trail mix Chex mix and pour into bowl. Open another bag of trail mix Chex mix and pour into bowl. Put on lid and tell co-workers you made Chex mix but you’re not giving out the recipe. It’s too complicated for them to understand.



Do you have “food days” where you work? What’s your favorite dish to bring?

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  1. I don’t have food days at work, but my mom does and she complains about them! She hates food days, hehe 😀
    I would probably bring vegan cookies, but not tell everyone that they are vegan 😉 I gotta enjoy sumthin’ too!

  2. We take turns bringing in breakfast on Fridays and have potlucks every now and then. Always enjoyable. I love chex mix!

  3. Sneaky sneaky :) Love it. One-shot brownies are the best! You can make them with the No-Pudge brand — my friend told me about it! You just mix some of that premade stuff with a tablespoon or so of plain yogurt and zap like you did.

  4. I must’ve forgotten to update the feed to your blog. I missed a few posts…time to catch up! We don’t really have designated food days at work, but people bring things in all the time. Mostly, it’s the sweet treats that they don’t want hanging around the house. For parties, I usually bring orzo salad. It’s always a hit!

  5. Haha, I like your style. I’ve definitely done a “no bake” cookie that took 2 ingredients and about 3 minutes to make for a cookie exchange at work before. And you know what? They went. Fast. So there. :)

  6. The Panera across the way from the gym I work at used to bring in souffles- always a treat :)

  7. hahahhaha. You crack me up. I mostly work from home now- but I used to always bring in baked goods.

  8. At the high school there is always some sort of food around, it’s pretty terrible. I try not to get involved unless it’s a celebration of some sort.

  9. Ahahahahahah…Lady, I love it!

    My secret-recipe brownies are one box ALDI brownie mix, made according to directions combined with 1/2 bag of chocolate chips. Top with frosting from can, cut and serve.

    People rave over them. It’s unreal.

  10. no bake is the way to go!!

    that’s neat you guys have these mini-potlucks. havent had to bring anything yet!

  11. At my old job we used to get fried chicken whenever there was a birthday- The Dr. finally said enough after 4.5yrs of fried chicken. We also used to have drug reps bring us lunch several times a week. Horrible. I mean, it tasted good, but it was horrible. Olive Garden, Chili’s, Applebees..anything you can think of.

    At my current job I’m the only one in my office so I don’t have any food parties, yay!

  12. Food days weird me out for some reason. I get a fruit or veggie tray from Fresh Market and then take a couple pieces from it and that’s it.

    • It is a really weird concept when you think about it….and then the smells of everything kind of make me nauseous throughout the day! Luckily someone always brings the fruits and veggies :)

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