Spinach, Egg, and Cheese Muffins

Yesterday around lunch time, I had a fierce craving for a vegetable frittata. Since I was the only one home, I didn’t want to make an entire frittata just to have a couple pieces of it. Hm, I wish I had a pie pan that was about 1/5 the size of a regular one, I […]

Kind of Fabulous

I’m pretty sure I haven’t had as lazy of a Saturday as I did yesterday in months!! And you know what? It was kind of fabulous. Somehow the day zoomed by, and when I looked up, it was 4:00. Sure, I took a spin class, and trained a couple clients in the morning, but other […]

Nana Thai Cuisine

But before we get into the best Thai restaurant in Bloomington/Normal, I have some news: Running Around Normal finally got its own Facebook page !! You can “like” the Running Around Normal page by clicking the “like” button at the bottom of this post Thanks guys 😀 — OK. Now on to the good stuff. […]

The Curious Case of the Missing iPod

Alternate post title: I Really Need to Clean Out My Car First thing’s first – I just ran a 7 mile run (my long run of the week, per my half marathon training plan) with minimal hip pain!!!!!! 😀 I’m back, baby! Granted, the run was inside on a treadmill due to yet another Midwest […]

Cheating on Food Day

Today’s a food day here at the BIC. A food day is a day of celebration for birthdays or new coworkers, where everyone brings in a dish. I cheated, only because I was busy training clients until 8:00, followed by stuffing my face with a mug brownie. I “made” trail mix chex:   Directions: Open […]

A Mug Brownie Kind of Day

Yesterday was the kind of day where I probably should have turned off my alarm and not gotten out of bed. It was the kind of day where I really wasn’t in the mood to, well…anything. The kind of day where everything was an annoyance. Heck, even I annoyed myself! It was a mug brownie […]

Sweet and Savory Sweet Potato Wedges

Last night around dinner time, I had a taste for something both sweet and salty. It wasn’t that I was being indecisive; I just wanted both! After concluding that a certain time of the month is mostly likely just around the corner, I then concluded from my uninspiring pantry that a sweet potato would be […]

She’s a Bad Banana

Signs that it’s time to buy some fresh bananas: 1. When you can slather a banana onto your peanut butter toast, instead of slicing it on top:     Past. Its. Prime. What’s your favorite use for rotting bananas? Besides baking banana bread, I like to add them to oatmeal. When they get this brown, they’re […]

Unexpected To-Do’s

Oh, what a day! It’s inevitable that when we have a to-do list that’s a mile long that there’s going to be some unexpected problems, right? Something about Murphy’s Law? Well in between spin class and my noon client, I realized I desperately needed an oil change and a little rotation of the tires, and […]

Impromptu Day Trip

Other possible titles for this post: Three of My Favorite Places, Fon-Do I Ever, and You’re Gonna Need to Roll Me Out In the middle of my run before training yesterday morning, I got a voicemail that one of my clients had cancelled. Shane and I took that as a sign that we should, indeed, […]

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