New Mini Goal: 21 Days Later

Early on in January I posted about how I’m going to pick little mini goals to accomplish throughout the year and practice that goal into the ground for 21 days so it becomes a habit. You can read more about the "rules” in the post, but for my first goal, I picked become a more patient driver. Well, it’s been 21 days since I set out on accomplishing my goal…How did I do?

I consider it a success! I still speed a little, but my heart rate no longer increases when I’m behind a slooow driver and there’s nothing I can do about it. I just accept that I’ll be driving a little slower – because really, just getting impatient will do more harm than good. And it won’t get me where I’m going any faster. Mission accomplished!

So now that the first 21 day bout is up, what’s next? I’m going to continue my new habit of practicing patient driving, but it’s also time to accomplish a new goal…

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…which is flossing every night! This one is SO hard for me. Every time I go to the dentist, I come home and floss the next three days, and then I stop. I don’t floss. It’s so bad! So for the next 21 days, I’m transforming into a flosser 😀


I’m going to help myself out by…

  • Washing my face and getting ready for the next day (getting coffee ready, setting out humidifier, etc) before I head downstairs to relax for the night instead of leaving it to do right before bed. This way, I’ll only have to brush my teeth and floss right before bed!
  • Buy some of the bottom retainer threaders. I still have a bottom retainer – and this is the main reason I hate flossing. It’s so cumbersome!
  • Thinking of the $$$ I’ll save on dentist work 😀

So here it goes, tonight begins night one! Here goes nothin! 😀


Do you floss regularly? Have you always? Or are you like me and would make your dentist shake his head?


Well I’m off to get dinner ready for later tonight and then head into the gym to train! Having a good Monday so far? I hope so!! :)

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  1. oh I love those! WE floss daily. Its kinda a new obsession now. At least its a good one!

  2. Okay not being mean but it is habit ( not habbitt).

    Love the mini-goals vs. resolutions idea. I decided to make flossing a goal/resolution after my dental cleaning in December and I have to say I’m going on 4 weeks now and I think I have successfully made it part of my nightly routine.

  3. My aunt is my dental hygienist. I think she would love it if I stuck to flossing. Sometimes (quite often!) it gets forgotten. Ooops! Maybe I should join you in this mini-goal!

  4. I need to learn to be a more relaxed driver. The other day I saw a man throw a bottle out of his window at another driver because the guy passed him! That’s craziness.

    Flossing…ughhhhhhh. I’m so with you on that! My boyfriend tells me all the time that I should floss, but it’s such a hard habit to get into. I hate doing it, but I know I should.
    Maybe if I see that YOU can do and keep it up, then I’ll know I can too 😉 Lead my example, Paige! haha

  5. Hubby got me into flossing (ironic, no. just practical 😉 ) and now I can’t go to bed without it… my teeth don’t feel clean until I floss!!

  6. i floss 2x/daily

    my hubs neglected regular flossing for about 10 yrs and he has a standing dentist appt every 3-4 mos or so for work. All the result of neglecting flossing. so yeah girl, keep after it!

  7. Ugh, I’m not in a good habit of flossing. I usually do every night for the week or two after I visit the dentist, and then I slowly begin skipping days until I’m only flossing 2-3x/week. After I had work done a few months ago I swore I would make it a habit, but it hasn’t stuck yet. Reading this post makes me feel guilty for not flossing yet tonight! Maybe I’ll try the 21 days with you :)

  8. I can’t floss 😀 I have too much teeth for my mouth, so it’s all cramped, and not even the flossing thread can come in between. When I try to floss, hurts like hell!

  9. I really need to do much better with flossing!!!!

    I used to be a horrible driver, my rage would be crazy! Now that I don’t have to commute an hour each way, and my longest commute is 1 mile to drop the kids off at school, I’m much more relaxed now :)

  10. I floss about 4-5 times a month at most. I don’t know why I slack so much, but it always happens.

  11. I am actually really good about flossing, but it is only because I have made it a lunch time ritual. After I eat lunch everyday, I grab one of those flossing picks and my tooth brush and actually floss on my way to the bathroom. That way it is done while I am walking and I don’t have to think about it anymore.

    I actually find that the flossing/brushing has helped with my desire for sweets in the afternoon. I think maybe it is the minty taste?!? Either way, it seems to work. Now if only I could figure out a way to curb my late night sweet cravings….then that would be ideal! :)

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