Half-ing it Up

I did it…I finally registered for the Illinois Half Marathon!!


To get a discount I had to register prior to 1/31, and since my hip is feeling better I went ahead and bit the bullet! This time it’s going to be even more fun because my good friend, Amber will be running it with me!!

I had to celebrate with a run this morning 😉

Last night before I hit the sheets I set my alarm for 4:50. That way when it went off, I’d have ten minutes to lay around and decide if said run was really happening. And although my slumber had numerous interruptions, I got my booty to the gym and carefully ran a 40 minute tempo run. My training plan for the half starts in less than two weeks, so I need to increase my mileage just slightly.

My top speed was 6.4, and I only held this for 5 minutes, and did several assessments of any pain in my hip – and none was felt the entire run. Hooray! I then came home and promptly iced it for about 10 minutes while eating breakfast. For those of you who commented on yesterday’s icing post – no, the hip still feels ok (but THANK YOU for your concern!) but I’ll be icing my hip after each run and lower body strength training session as a preventative measure. I didn’t ice at all the last go-around, and we all know how that turned out. Lesson learned, albeit the hard way, but nevertheless…

And we all know the best part about a good run – the meal after! 😉 OK, maybe it’s right after the run, but either way.


I don’t know what it is lately, but my breakfasts have been turned upside down! For almost two years, all I wanted was oatmeal or a whole wheat protein waffle. Now my breakfasts cravings center around either cereal or eggs!


And these eggs were the. best. eggs. evah. The eggs were surrounded by almost equally good carby counterparts – one with a pat of Earth Balance and the other with a little Barney Butter and a nanner. I’m so full, I’m so full, I’m so full (sung to the tune of I’m so Cold)

And to top ‘er off, a slurry blurry shot!!


OK I’m not that hardcore, guys. This was a shot of Emergen-C mixed with some tart cherry juice (known for its anti-inflammatory properties!)


Gotta go!! Running late late late!

Happy Hump Day, friends 😀

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  1. Yea! I’m glad the hip is feeling fantastic enough to sign up! I looked at this one, but it’s only a couple weeks after my half in St. Louis, so I think I might skip it…

  2. Yay, so excited for you! Keep taking care of your body like you have been and you’ll dominate this race.

  3. Yay for no pain! Half-marathons are the greatest. I am totally addicted to the distance.
    I know what you mean! I wanted oats for breakfast for like a year straight, and then one day I was just plain sick of them. Imagine that :)

  4. Woot woot!! Very exciting :) I don’t know how you get up so early and hit the gym…I am zombie K anytime before 6 ha.

  5. It’s always great to do halfs with a friend… less pressure and more fun!

  6. How fun! I need to register for mine soon!

  7. Woo hoo! I’m glad your hip is feeling better. I love bagels after a run, it’s all I can think about on my long runs.

  8. Yay! So glad you’re feeling up to it!

  9. I just signed up for my first half marathon….the San Diego Rock N Roll 1/2. I’ll be excited to read about your training.

  10. Congrats on the sign up! Whoop whoop! It will be so fun to do it with a friend. I am on a MAJOR eggs kick! Its helpful to get some good protein in, in the AM.

  11. So exciting!!!!

    Brekfast looks SO good!

  12. Good for you P. A future half marathon and no hip pain:-) The only place I do 13+ miles is in spin class. Does that count?

  13. You’ve done such a great job taking care of that hip. I’m so excited that you’re going to start training for a 1/2!

  14. You will rock the 1/2! I CHUGGG e/c when i have the smiffles!

  15. Yay! My girlfriend and I are running that half (and the 5K the night before!).

    I am happy your hip is feeling better :)

  16. Great that you signed up for the Illinois race again!! Here’s to a PR!

  17. You go girl! Glad you are feeling up to running a half in April.

  18. Yay for no pain! Good luck with the 1/2 training!!

  19. Good for you!! Since we’re making our big move this month, we had to table the Dallas Rock and Roll Half I was DYING to run. There’s another fun 1/2 in May I’m pretty sure we’re going to sign up for. I’ve wanted to run one for over a year now.

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