Bartering Bars

Today I surprised one of my clients with one of her favorite treats – homemade granola bars!


But not just any granola bars (and not my granola bars.) Do these look familiar?


Look a little closer…


They are Jenna’s Yogi Trail Mix bars! And they are delicious!


This client of mine graciously gave me a whole case of WEN products – as well as some Serious Skin care products. In turn, I supply her with granola bars on a biweekly basis 😉


For the recipe, visit Jenna’s post here!


Before I go (and go and go and go) I wanted to share a fabulous tip I learned over the weekend! I thought I’d share it with you all in vlog (olog) form :)

What do you use plastic bags for? Do you have a good organizational tip to store them?


Aaaand I’m off! Lots of activities to go to tonight! Have a great Monday night, all 😀

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  1. Oh dear, my plastic bag hoarding is out of control. They are all “neatly” scrunched up inside one another in a gigantic ball in our laundry room in the corner. My husbands grandmother has this handy dispenser thing, but I have no idea where she got it from but it’s a good idea. I just googled plastic bag holder to see if I could find what she has. I didn’t find it, but I did see this: pretty handy looking and it would fit so nicely in the corner of our laundry room.

  2. I seriously cracked up watching you video…my boyfriend was just commenting on the explosion of plastic bags exploding in our kitchen :) This is an awesome solution, and you are so adorable in your video!! Thank you for the tip, I will definitely be trying it!

  3. Great tip! I actually have a plastic container thing that looks like a magazine rack but it just has one hole for putting the bags.

  4. this is awesome! thx for the tip! hehe.

  5. I don’t have nearly as many plastic bags laying around as I used to, but I use them for trash can liners :)

  6. What a nice swapping/trade arrangement!

    I know that we just stash all of the plastic bags we get at the grocery store under the sink. Lately, we’ve been requesting more of the paper though because we use them for our recycling.

  7. Paige you are too cute! Love the tip! Our drawer is bursting at the hinges so I will definitely try to remember this tip before I toss the PT roll. Thanks!

  8. those look great!
    i just posted yesterday about my latest bar creation. PB + Chocolate No bake bars that use the microwave.

    Love your video :)

  9. I need to make a batch of bars. I’m definitely overspending on the Kashi bars and I know I could do just as well on my own. Great video!

  10. I am so going to take that tip of yours. You know how I save those plastic bags; I can’t wait to finish a roll of paper towels now.

    BTW, snow day. No school today, so I get to spin on a Tuesday:-)

  11. We reuse plastic bags for dog duty, as well as other things. I’ve never found a good way to store them though.

  12. You’ve got killer arms, girlie!

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