Adventure Aweights

Friday evening Shane and I went on a little adventure to a town about 30 minutes away. We’d never been there before, and weren’t sure what we were getting ourselves into, but we knew it needed to be done.

The day before, I was perusing around Craigslist and found an epic deal for a weights set. We’d been talking about picking up one for a while now, and then we found a deal we couldn’t refuse! So off we went.

We took Shane’s truck to pick up the goods:


IMG_1076   IMG_1072

It only took about 15 minutes to break it down and load up the truck, so afterwards we headed over to our BFF’s house nearby to stop and chat for a while – was so good to see them! But then the next day, our “work out room” became much more legit.


Before we just had a couple sets of dumbbells, a clothes holder – I mean an ab lounge, and this elliptical:


And theeennnn…





IMG_1083 IMG_1077


I think today’s going to be a weights day 😉

Have you ever bought or sold anything off of Craiglist? What was your experience?


It was so fun reading what you guy’s thought of my accent on yesterday’s accent post :) However, I still don’t know what you’re referring to by a Midwestern accent. Is that the same as a Chicago accent?

I also saw a few of you did one as well – it’s so fun to listen to them 😀

Well I’m off to go to some strength training upstairs(!!!) I hope you all have a great Sunday!

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  1. I’ve sold a few things on Craigslist but never bought anything. Nice weight set!

  2. Yay! Now you guys have a one stop shop! That is such a great idea to have a “home gym” area – especially during winter in the midwest! Is Shane going to start pumping iron and get sick ripped? 😉 Glad you guys got a good deal and (Bonus!) got to see M&B :)

  3. You have a sweet little setup there! Love it!

  4. I stalking CL like crazy for a few table-like items. I get skeezed out by anything with upholstery or bed-bug infesting material (i.e. couches, beds, etc).

    It’s definitely fun to see what design blogs do with some old finds!

  5. I would lovelovelove to have a setup like that one day. Something to strive for, I guess!

  6. Wow, super jealous of your weights bench! I don’t have the room for one, but I must admit that it would be really useful to be able to workout at home sometimes. As it is, I just have adjustable DBs. They are good in a pinch, but a proper bench with a bar and plates: *drool* 😀

  7. I just sold a textbook on Craigslist! Now I need to find out how to ship it…

  8. The last time I moved I sold a bunch of stuff on Craigslist. I tried to always make the exchange at work or somewhere public though. I was a little bit creeped out by it.

    Yay for your weight bench, that is awesome!

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