Bartering Bars

Today I surprised one of my clients with one of her favorite treats – homemade granola bars!          But not just any granola bars (and not my granola bars.) Do these look familiar?   Look a little closer… They are Jenna’s Yogi Trail Mix bars! And they are delicious!   This client of mine graciously […]

4 out of 7 Aint…Gonna Blow the Budget

There’s something that’s just not right about cooking on Friday or Saturday to me. I try to create a dinner out of my own kitchen 5 out of 7 nights of the week, but that’s about as good as my score gets. This past week, my score dropped a little. Yesterday after spending the day […]

Adventure Aweights

Friday evening Shane and I went on a little adventure to a town about 30 minutes away. We’d never been there before, and weren’t sure what we were getting ourselves into, but we knew it needed to be done. The day before, I was perusing around Craigslist and found an epic deal for a weights […]

Accent Vlog/Olog + Deep Condition and Clean

Yesterday I only had one client – and she rescheduled to this morning, so I had the entire day free!! So after being reduced to a puddle of sweat in my spin class (I worked the hardest I’ve ever worked according to my HRM – and my towel 😉 ) I shopped it up. I […]

1,2,3; protein, carb and veg-gie

(Sung to the tune of Britney’s 123) I feel oddly optimistic for the day today! Probably mostly because it’s Friday, but also because last night I had the entire night off last night (after working at the BIC all day.) I actually even left the office a couple hours early to boot! I had to […]

Soul Searing Vegetable Soup

I’ve publicly declared I’m not a soup person. To me, soup just doesn’t qualify as a meal. My meals have to have some chew. A meal can’t be called a meal and also be able to be slurped in its entirety! Sure, soups can be filling, but that usually just lasts a little while. It […]

Half-ing it Up

I did it…I finally registered for the Illinois Half Marathon!! To get a discount I had to register prior to 1/31, and since my hip is feeling better I went ahead and bit the bullet! This time it’s going to be even more fun because my good friend, Amber will be running it with me!! […]


  No, I’m not trying to smuggle frozen corn out of a grocery store. I’m icing my hip. It may not be an ice bath, but it’s a good start. I will be injury free. I will be injury free. I will be injury free!!!!

Bell Peppers Are Back…and Stuffed

Wanna see something exciting??       A 4 pack of good looking bell peppers for just $3.99!!! That means spring is coming 😀 When I saw these bell peppers at the store, I knew I had to get them even though they weren’t on the list. I even had a recipe in mind right then and […]

New Mini Goal: 21 Days Later

Early on in January I posted about how I’m going to pick little mini goals to accomplish throughout the year and practice that goal into the ground for 21 days so it becomes a habit. You can read more about the "rules” in the post, but for my first goal, I picked become a more […]

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