Tell Me Your Secrets

Do Vitatops count as dessert?


That’s what I’ve been having lately a couple hours after dinner. It satisfies my sweet tooth without downing a huge bowl of ice cream with a cookie on top! Winner winner vita dinner!

However, know what I had a fierce craving for yesterday? One of those chocolate chipper cookies from Panera.


During college I worked in the bakery at Panera for a and those cookies were my faaaavorite. It was a pretty fun job and lunch breaks were always delicious! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Did you know that Panera gives any and all leftover bagel/pastry/bread loaf to local homeless shelters? The employees aren’t allowed to take any baked goods home (unless sneaked) at the end of the night!

Other things I know that you may not because of past jobs I’ve had:

TV News Anchor and Reporter

  • Lots of times, anchors on TV news are wearing a nice jacket or button down…with jeans. Hey, you can’t see their pants on the TV screen!
  • If you’re working in TV news and you just graduate college, chances are you will start out working 3rd shift, almost minimum wage, and working all holidays in your first year. Tough competition out there!
  • The screen for the weather is really green.

Department Store Dept. Manager at Von Maur (a Midwest upscale clothing store I worked at after college)

  • Von Maur offers an interest free charge card and there’s NO catch. It just let’s you charge…without interest!
  • They also do free shipping, free wrapping, and do not tax items that are being shipped to a state without a Von Maur

What do you know that others might not because of past jobs you’ve had? I love reading about this kind of stuff! I once heard that Target cashiers get graded on the amount of time per transaction! What if there are penny counters and check writers?! Do the cashiers get an F because of those types of people?


Have a lovely Wednesday, all! :) Iโ€™m off to the BIC for a bit and then training a client in her home a later on today. Iโ€™m thinking about a FUN new recipe tonight for dinner, though ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  1. Interesting facts! I knew that about the news anchors, but I’m really glad to know that Panera donates leftovers to homeless shelters. Also – Von Maur is my favorite store!!!

  2. I love Vita tops! I’ve only had them once, since they seem so pricey but they are super delicious–as is anything and everything Panera.

    I worked in an ice cream store in college. And gained sooo much weight!!

  3. I worked at my flower shop for six years during high school and college. My boyfriend’s mom owns the shop. It was lots of fun, fragrant, and always interesting…especially dealing with brides.

  4. Is there a place in BN where you can buy the Vita Muffin stuff? I love those things! And do they count as dessert? At 100 calories, I would say no! :) That is like a cup of grapes, right? :)

    I was a cashier at a Cub Foods high school thru college. The cash registers calculated rings per minute and the mangers posted it on a board in the cashout room. When you had high enough rings per minute, you got to work the express lane, which didn’t take checks! Bonus!

  5. i was the assistant manager of a Japanese Restaurant in Tucson for a few years. It had a sushi bar and a teppan-yaki (think: Benihana) part. I learned to fling shakers, shrimp, knives, all that stuff. it was a blast!

  6. Now I feel really bad- in college, one of my neighbors worked at Panera and we were always bribing him to bring home free food at the end of the night… Had I known it was going to better places, I think I could have held off!

    But yeah- their cookies rock my face off. Especially the ones with toooofffffeeeeee!

  7. I worked in a cafe and we weren’t allowed to donate the expired baked goods :( We were supposed to toss them, but no one paid attention to the dates and there was a lot of expired stuff that we still sold. So gross!

  8. The only thing I remember about my job teaching is that I had no life because of all the grading and planning. And any down time you have at work the schools fill up with administrative BS. I hated it!

    That’s really cool about Panera!

  9. That’s REALLY cool that they donate the leftovers. I think maybe I’ve heard that before but I’m not sure. Either way it’s awesome!

    I was a manager of a Jamba Juice in college. Things I know:

    1. 99% of those smoothies are NOT healthy.
    2. The wheatgrass and fresh carrot/orange juice are pretty much the only things that don’t have added sugar.
    3. It’s really, really hard to keep a smoothie shop clean. Smoothie gets everywhere. You have to mop the ceilings. No joke.

    Now I work for the government… I know lots of things, but I’d have to kill ya ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Oh and I have learned a TON from working at a running store. Love that job.

  10. Vitas are yummy. I can’t decide which flavor is my fav. Oww…those cookies are Panera are ridiculous good. Past jobs (pre-graduating college):

    Worked at two flower shops
    Worked as a hostess at Bertucci’s for like 5 minutes :)
    Worked as a receptionist at a skin care salon. It was during the summer and they told me I couldn’t go to the beach and tan….I did anyways ๐Ÿ˜‰

  11. what a fun post. i loved reading the comments so far.

    i really don’t have much to add.. ummm.. i worked at zumiez (store in the mall) and every employee is required to ask “the three golden questions” to everyone who walks in the door. (they are: what are you shopping for? who are you shopping for? and what brands do you like?) SO IRRITATING! now if i ever go in there i tell them to skip the golden questions.

    i love vitatops for dessert!

  12. I did hear that about Panera, but never knew if it was true, very cool! I worked as a bartender for a couple of years, funnest job EVER!


  13. My go-to dessert right now is dark chocolate.

    From grading college papers I can tell you that most academics use a strategy for comments: start with something positive, then the criticism, and then something nice to end on. It’s affectionately known as a cr@p sandwich. Nice, huh.

  14. Ooh, working at Panera must have been delicious! And LOL at your TV anchor / reporter inside knowledge. I was once in a TV studio and was cracking up over the huge “Anchorman” poster they had in the back of the room, out of the view of cameras.
    From working at Dairy Queen, I can tell you that all of the soft serve drips or extra ice cream, is collected in a small bin under the spout and then filtered / ‘recycled’ back into a tank in the refrigerator. Gross, right?
    From my experience in the concert industry, I can tell you that one should never seriously date a musician. ‘Nuff said!

  15. I’m not long on secrets, but at Target, you can see the cashier’s grade per transaction on the screen. It’s kind of awkward, really.

    Oh, I lied. A fact I learned on the other day. Apparently Dean’s guacamole dip is only 2% avocados. What is that all about?

    • Oh my gosh – I will totally look for it next time!! And hurry on my way ๐Ÿ˜‰
      And ew on the cado dip! Glad I make my own!

  16. I love vita tops! They really are perfect anytime of day. Love your thoughts about Target cashiers – talk about pressure! Haha. “Can you pleeease hurry up and write you check? I’m being timed!” :)


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