Merry Swedish Christmas!

With only a couple minor snafu’s…

IMG_2239 IMG_2241


A blizzard, which caused us to be at least an hour late – to each Christmas Eve celebration (except church!) made for a very white, but very travel-cautious day.



A territorial, excitement overloaded pup, who actually bit me put a damper on my mood for a while. And snarled a few times at this well-mannered fellow:


Sorry Buck. Niko was very, very naughty! Though somehow, Santa still filled her stocking this morning.



We managed to gather round for an insurmountable amount of love, laughter, and food, visiting Shane’s grandma, Shane’s dad and girlfriend’s family (who so very warmly accepted us into their family traditions,) and my family.




It was a go-go-go sort of day. Christmas Eve church service was at 8 pm, but felt like midnight!  After midnight, I was so angry with Niko and Shane wanted to sleep in his own bed, so we made the trek back to Normal – normally (ha) a 40 minute drive – which took all of an hour and forty-five minutes! I sort of regretted the decision not to wait until morning, until waking up and having our little family ready for Christmas morning. 

IMG_1276 IMG_1275



What else is a guarantee on Christmas morning?

Papa’s Mom’s  My Christmas Morning Swedish Pancakes


Oh. Yes. I’m Swedish and I’m proud.


Especially while savoring these bad boys.


Mom’s (formerly Papa’s) Christmas Morning Swedish Pancakes

Makes 7-8 medium-sized pancakes

2/3 c. all purpose flour

3/4 c. of milk (add two more tbsp if batter isn’t thin enough – it needs to be thin!)

1 egg

2 tbsp canola oil

Add all the ingredients in a bowl and mix well. The batter should be thin. If it isn’t thin, add more milk, little by little. Meanwhile, heat a griddle to medium heat with the oil. Spoon heaping tbsp’s of the batter onto the griddle and cook for about 3-5 minutes per side. Best served with maple syrup, and powdered sugar if you so desire :)


Merry Christmas to all! (who celebrate Christmas) I wish you all good health, good company, and good fooooood :)

And I hope you look as good as we do on Christmas morning 😉


hahahaha 😛 Don’t worry, we’ll take showers before continuing on the Christmas festivities with family later today 😉


Anyone have any suggestions on how to put a 5 pound alpha dog her place?!? HALP!

Shane got me a Kindle for Christmas! So before I take that blasted shower, I’m off to reeeeeead 😀

Have a lovely day, friends!!!

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  1. cute pictures! merry christmas!

  2. Merry Christmas! That’s odd that Niko bit you- was there a lot of excitement going on? Maybe she just felt out of her comfort zone. Even still, no bueno! The holiday stress is getting to her too 😉

  3. Katherine: Unemployed says:

    Love this post and pictures; thanks for spreading the holiday cheer!

  4. Merry Christmas!

  5. Merry Christmas! It looks like a great day :)

  6. Elwood (one of my mom’s dachshunds) bit my sister’s husband yesterday, too… and he is normally so gentle… it was right when they walked in the door, all three dachshunds were barking + running around, so we think it was just the excitement.

    those pancakes look SO good…

  7. Looks like you had a great Christmas!

    How do you like the Kindle so far?

    • I really really like it! I’m quite addicted. I still have a big book I read – but only right before sleeping. Anywhere else, I read the Kindle :)

  8. Don’t you love your kindle? My family is Danish so we keep the Danish Christmas traditions alive like your Swedish Christmas :)

  9. That’s a skillful answer to a dilfciuft question

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