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Every year my friend, Missy hosts a fabulous Christmas party. This year was her 6th year of gathering all of her friends together at her house – from all different social groups. Some how by the end of the night, everyone knows everyone and is in the same room sharing embarrassing stories with strangers she just met. Missy’s the kind of person, though, who surrounds herself with truly good people. So you know whoever’s watching you bust out dance moves while playing Dance Revolution isn’t going to judge 😉 Whoa – I digress.

What I want to talk to you today isn’t about the awesome group of people, it isn’t about the interpretive dance that she performed for everyone as a thank you, and it isn’t about the infinite number of wine bottles that just kept magically appearing.

It’s about the invitation:


Missy’s partner Bev is a graphic designer, and creates cool invitations each year. This year on the back of the invitation, they noted whether you needed to bring an appetizer, dessert, or wine.

Missy asked me to take one guess which option she chose for me. “Wine???” I answered. 😉 Wrong!


Missy always raves about the desserts I’ve brought to various get-togethers from peanut butter bars to oatmeal cookies. However, her most favorite dessert that I’ve made her has been Averie’s raw dough balls. Girl loves her cookie dough. If you know Missy well at all, you know that cookie dough is her weak spot.

I knew just what to make for the party;)

Dough balls!


This time, though, I went with Diana’s recipe.



I followed the recipe exactly. And got a little exasperated when the dough was too crumbly, but just like she said – put a little elbow grease into it and bam, it’s dough -  IMG_0758

Mmmm :)


I only cooked it 10 minutes, but then turned the oven off and let them sit one more minute because they still looked a little raw. After 11 minutes, they looked perfect.



Well, I think that was a mistake on my part, because unfortunately they came out way too dry! They tasted more like dense bread than cookie dough balls.


Wah :( Diana, I trust you though, so you can bet I’ll be making these again today. You know…just as an experiment. OK fine, for me to eat 😉

So what’s a girl to do when her dessert flops and she only has a half hour?


No…not eat a whole bag of rolos to console herself.


Make rolo pretzel turtles!!


These babies take literally 5 minutes to make (well, after unwrapping the rolos for 15 minutes) and are SO easy and delicious.


Step one: Preheat the oven to 350 and unwrap rolos.

Step two: arrange pretzels on a parchment lined baking sheet and place the rolos right on top. Put in the oven for 3-5 minutes.

Step three: Press a pecan, half pecan, or whatever nut you have when you run out of pecans (in my case, walnut bits) down about half way into the soft rolo.


 Step four: Put in the refrigerator to set.


Wah. Lah.

People LOVE these things! When I left last night, there wasn’t ONE left. 😀

Do you have a go-to, no fail dessert when you’re in a time crunch?

Do you have any holiday parties to go to this month before Christmas? What do you usually bring?


Well I’m off to meet Heidi at the gym for some cardio and then yoga! Have a great Sunday, everyone :) Hope you get some relaxation in!

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  1. Those rolo desserts are such a smart idea! I’ll confess, when I need desserts in a crunch, I usually hit up the supermarket. Otherwise, I’ll make some holiday-themed M&M cookies.

  2. oh man! Totally been there, done that! Those rolo pretzels are totally delicious. My go to is my cookies! Usually my big oatmeal chocolate chip.

  3. I always make these for the work holiday parties. Love ’em! Good save :)

  4. Love the rolo idea! My sister and I are making candy the weekend before Christmas. It’s a tradition my mom always had – and now it’s our turn! My go-to dessert is usually apple crisp, because I almost always have the ingredients on hand!

  5. Ohhh thanks for sharing the Rolo recipe! I’m throwing a party next weekend and definitely want to make these!

  6. Ooo, I love those turtles made from rolos and pretzels!
    I want to try the cookie dough balls too, let’s hope they aren’t dry because I am looking forward to them!

  7. thanks for the linky love on my raw dough balls! yes, they are pretty much fail-safe, as are most/all of my raw recipes. it’s when baking, flour, and ovens get involved that i sometimes run into trouble. so sorry you did too…right as you needed to leave the house!

    great thinking on the rolo pretzels. i saw similar posts like those over the holidays. i think susan/balancing act (which was where i also saw diana’s dough recipe) as well as janetha posted about similar pretzel recipes last holiday season and i almost have made them but didnt :)

    something equally easy if you dont have rolos is just take a little pile of nuts, squirt over some caramel sauce (or skip it if you dont have it and are in a jam) and melt some chocolate over it and you have homemade “turtles”. recipe on my site. but yeah, turtles have saved me before!

  8. Oh yes! Love these bad boys. I’ve made them with white chocolate before. Honestly the rolo addition makes me nervous. I have a feeling they would NEVER make it to a destination other than my stomach:)

  9. What a great idea! If I had a failed recipe you could bet I would be hitting the nearest bakery.

  10. I’ve always wondered how you make those turtles! Mysteries: Unveiled.

    I usually try getting stuck with dessert at all costs because I don’t think of myself as an expert baker. I did try making the Sugar Cookie Dough Balls a la Mama Pea this weekend though and they were more epic than the chocolate chip variety. And they come together better too than the other dough.

  11. I’ve never heard of these before. They sound amazing! I’m glad you came up with a last minute treat to bring. I would have ran down the street to a bakery instead. =)

  12. Ah! I just made these and they are soo addicting! I keep mine in the freezer and snack on a couple when a need a little chocolate treat :)
    I accidently bought mini rolos….yours look so much better!

  13. Hey girlie! Sorry you’re having trouble with the recipe. I’ve had a lot of people make them ok so maybe it was just a bizarre fluke? :( I’ve even had my butterscotch ones turn out flatter than they were supposed to once. Maybe make sure you’re measuring the flour correctly. I usually fluff mine up real good and then kind of lightly pour it into my measuring cup so it shouldn’t be too packed in. Oh and they look confusing coming out of the oven because they DO still look raw! lol Makes you wonder, but you could always just try baking one or two till you get the timing right. That’s what I had to do when I was developing the recipe at least. :) Good luck!


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