Christmas Eve’s Pasts

Merry Christmas Eve!! I can’t believe it – I logged nine…NINE (!!) hours of sleep last night. Shane logged eleven. Guess the beer-as-big-as-my-head-that-I-couldn’t-finish + the white russian “dessert” during HIMYM (obsessed with this show…it’s awesome 😉 ) really did me in.


A few ways this Christmas Eve differs from those in the past:

  • On Christmas Eve in 2009, I worked up until noon at the BIC. Oh, and I was also pretty miserable. Somehow, I mustered up holiday spirit.
  • On Christmas Eve 2008, I had no idea where my life was going to take me. I had just quit my job in order to try an procure a promotion. So I rang in both Christmas and the New Year jobless and unsure of what the heck I was doing with my life (on January 5th, I found out that I got the job, and went back to the BIC as a project planner)
  • On Christmas Eve 2007, Shane was working up until midnight. This was our first Christmas both working grown up jobs. So instead of going to my parent’s house to celebrate, they came to our house where Shane joined us at midnight.
  • Christmas Eve 2003-2006, I don’t really remember. HA! It involved copious amounts of alcohol, parties, and Mario Go Kart. I was still in my “party-phase” during this phase of my life, I think.

I think I like this Christmas Eve the best.

On Christmas Eve in 2010, after sleeping for nine + hours, we woke up and gave the petski’s one early Christmas present. I then went to spin class and we spent the day with both Shane and my family.



That’s how this year’s going to go. However, we’re also expecting a big snow today, so really who knows how many twists and turns the story will have!! :)


Have a wonderful day, friends!!!

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  1. That’s good that neither of you have to work! I used to work in retail… I would work every Christmas Eve :(

  2. Merry Christmas, Paige! :) I’m at work…ick… but I’m on the Internet, so I obviously have some down time. Tell your family hi for me!

  3. I hope you have safe travels in the snow- I heard I *just missed* it. :)

    Merry Christmas, my dear!

  4. I’ve seen on twitter that you’re stuck in traffic, so I hope you get home safely!
    Merry Christmas!

    • Thanks sweetie! We did – it just took a long time in the snow! You’d think Illinois would have a better plow system :-p

  5. Laura @ Backstag Pass says:

    Haha – “Christmas Eve 2003-2006, I don’t really remember. HA! It involved copious amounts of alcohol, parties, and Mario Go Kart.” I can relate!
    Merry Christmas, Paige! :-)

  6. This Christmas Eve was different for me also. Last year I got stranded in a blizzard and didn’t make it home :( This year was much better!!

  7. This year sounds like a big improvement on last. And a beer as big as your head! Next year I expect your Christmas Eve’s Past post to include the line “last year I couldn’t finish the beer, but this year I did” 😉

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