YOUR Top Ten in 2010

Earlier this week, I wrote out a post depicting MY top ten moments in 2010, but I also wanted to do a top ten in 2010 of YOUR favorites.(Hey, the next time we can do “top ten’s ___10 isn’t for another thousand years!) Based on comments and pageviews, these were your favorite Running Around Normal […]

Ricotta Gnocchi with Brown Butter Sauce

Gosh I love ricotta cheese. There was a time in my life when I ate it like I do Greek yogurt now. I need to revisit those times. I was actually having a little rendezvous with some ricotta cheese in a bowl, when an idea came to mind – ricotta bites! Or, apparently more well-known, […]

Tell Me Your Secrets

Do Vitatops count as dessert? That’s what I’ve been having lately a couple hours after dinner. It satisfies my sweet tooth without downing a huge bowl of ice cream with a cookie on top! Winner winner vita dinner! However, know what I had a fierce craving for yesterday? One of those chocolate chipper cookies from […]

Grain of the Week: Red Quinoa + A Deliciously Healthy Quinoa Bowl

There was a time when I didn’t love quinoa. I tried and tried, but no avail. Finally I figured it out – make sure your quinoa is clean-wah! Quinoa only takes 10-15 minutes to cook, but I hate having to rinse it before cooking. The seeds stick everywhere! That’s why I was super excited when […]

Relaxation Battery is Fully Charged

Last night I caved and had some suga suga:  Jessica’s cake batter bark But that’s OK – I lasted all day until after dinner, so that’s progress, and I’m fine with that I decided today that I’d finally head back to the BIC for work this morning. I haven’t been there since the week before […]

2011: Goal, Set, Match

Look! Progress!         This was my afternoon snack. Frozen cherries – with a little cocoa powder sprinkled over them.   Yep, I even got in the habit of eating dessert after lunch in the past few weeks! Small victories, friends. Small victories  Can you believe it’s freaking December 27th?? The year 2011 will be here […]

Pass (on) the Sugar Banana Oat Cake

This past month, you could say I may have overdone it on the sweets. Not to worry, it’s typical. Sugar leads to more sugar and pretty soon I have a full fledged addiction. It happens every year. But then, almost as cued, every year a few days after Christmas, I wean myself off. That time […]

Five Minute Fries to Fuhgettabout Christmas

I’m still in denial that Christmas is over. After the gym this morning, I was still blasting Glee’s Christmas album in my car on the way to Target to score on some post-Christmas deals. Until next year, pretty paper… However, I’m pretty sure I’m more than OK with not having a plethora of Christmas cookies […]

Merry Swedish Christmas!

With only a couple minor snafu’s…   A blizzard, which caused us to be at least an hour late – to each Christmas Eve celebration (except church!) made for a very white, but very travel-cautious day. A territorial, excitement overloaded pup, who actually bit me put a damper on my mood for a while. And […]

Christmas Eve’s Pasts

Merry Christmas Eve!! I can’t believe it – I logged nine…NINE (!!) hours of sleep last night. Shane logged eleven. Guess the beer-as-big-as-my-head-that-I-couldn’t-finish + the white russian “dessert” during HIMYM (obsessed with this show…it’s awesome ) really did me in. A few ways this Christmas Eve differs from those in the past: On Christmas Eve […]

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