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Thanks!! 😀


Remember how in yesterday’s post I mentioned I’m excited to get back to “regular meals” after all of the Thanksgiving feasting?

Well, apparently regular meals start here:

The local Mexican joint. And I said regular meals, not meals that keep you regular. But either or.

We go to the Mexican joint a lot. And each time I order the exact. same. thing. Veggie Fajitias!!


“I’ll just have my regular” 😉

I dined here with my parents and a couple cousins passing through on their way back to Chicago. Good times!

The rest of the afternoon, we hit up Bath and Body Works, Von Maur:


The goods – a cute striped tee-shirt dress and the softest pj’s I ever laid my hands on.


Oh yeah :)

and eventually to Fresh Market. I’d been buying groceries all week long, but they were all for Thanksgiving! I needed some produce in mah life!!



While I was gone, the husband was working hard! What a delightful surprise to come home to this:


The lights were up too!

Especially when I thought his plans included his sim wheel, pedals, Gran Turismo 5, and no shower 😉 Yep – a pleasant surprise!!

And then I walked inside and found what used to be a Thanksgiving-decked out house had begun to be Christmasfied!


The railings were bare no more.


What used to bare pumpkins now bares snowmen and trees and what used to be a bamboo tree now has needles!

IMG_0519 IMG_0520

I’m glad he waited to decorate it though. It’s a regular tradition to decorate the tree while listening to Christmas music together :)

imagePicture from last year

That’s what today’s plan is 😀 Most likely while drinking this:


Eggnog is NOT my favorite, but I’ll drink a small glass just in the name of Christmas spirit 😀

Do you like eggnog? What’s your favorite Christmas drink? I have to say, I love coffee and baileys!!

Is it already Sunday?! My body’s going to be in a rude awakening when it has to wake up at 5:30 a.m. on Tuesday.I’ve been enjoying sleeping in for sure. But it will be nice to get back to a regular schedule. Or at least I’ll tell myself that 😉

Well I’m off to do some cardio! I’ve been focusing on my strength training lately outside of spin class, so I think a HIIT session followed by some steady state cardio is in order.

…But not before finishing my coffee and regular pre-workout snack (chopped banana, honey, raw wheat germ) 😉


You know I had to bust out the Christmas mug!!;

Have a fabulous Sunday, everyone! Enjoy every last [eggnog] drop of your weekend!! :)

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  1. I swear, eating on Thanksgiving wasn’t hard at all, it’s just the rest of this weekend that’s been a killer because everyone is wanting to go out and do something. To that end, today is the first normal day of eats that I’ve had since Tuesday. Horror.

    I’m an 11/10 fan of Egg Nog. There’s just something about it that gets me every time.

  2. I LOVE Fiesta Ranchera!!! We always order the fajitas for two. And totally devour the chips and salsa while we are waiting. Soooo good.

    I do not like egg nog, never have. My husband loves the stuff and I think we are on our third carton of it this year. I like the mocha/mint flavored coffee but I have not had any yet this year! I really like the extra-bad Oreo-loaded frozen kind from Gloria Jeans accompanied by the almonds from that nut stand in the mall.

  3. you had me won over when you said baileys and coffee. I love this drink during th winter. YUMM! Your house looks festive and so cute.

  4. I wish I didn’t like eggnog so much. I can pass on the fudge but not the holiday eggnog.

  5. Love the new blog layout! Nice Saucony’s in the header, haha.

    And soft pajamas are the best thing ever.

  6. I looooove Fiesta Ranchera! In college, we would always go there for the cheap pitcher nights! 😉

    I loved reading this post because I totally could imagine you traveling around Normal going to those places!

  7. You’re Mexican meal was about the same as my family’s “back to regular” meal- Chinese! But at least they’re semi-healthy, right? I mean, they have a lot of veggies!

    The house is looking great!! I can’t wait to get the Christmas decorations up around here. How nice of your husband to do most of the labor, too! 😛

  8. Georgie @ Georgie Goes Healthy says:

    I am definitely excited to get back to regular meals! I think I have only one more meal of leftovers… I have never been to Fiesta Ranchera but your veggie fajita looks delicious (I have a weakness for Mexican). I hope the tree decorating went well!

  9. I went grocery shopping too today and bought so much produce! Don’t you love when you just crave veggies?

  10. Loveeee the new site!
    And what is regular eating? I plan on living in elastic waist band pants foreverr!


  1. […] the tree! For this part we have to wait until it’s dark out. Shane and I have a tradition of decorating it while drinking eggnog and listening to Christmas music. Good […]

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