Eggnog Redemption

I must have really did a number on my legs yesterday between weights and yoga. Even a full 70 minutes of cardio yesterday morning barely loosened them up.

Wait…70 minutes of…cardio? Yes. I intended to just do a 30 minute HIIT sesh followed by a little step mill. But just as I stepped onto the treadmill, Shawshank Redemption started. I’ve never seen this movie, but it was pronounced a must see classic at Thanksgiving dinner last week. The first 70 minutes were awesome. But then the cardio felt a wee bit excessive and I had to go.

image [source]

Now I’m on a mission to see the rest of this movie. Have you seen it? I’m tellin’ ya. The first 70 minutes are riveting! :)

Seventy minutes of cardio can also make a girl pretty hangry. After a couple errands, I came back to the house, and had to stop myself from doing a stand-at-the-fridge-eating-whatever-I-find-first shebang.

Instead, I bowled it up:


Trees mixed greens


then quinoa


mixed with mashed sweet potato


topped with roasted brussels sprouts and baby bella mushrooms.


and black beans and pecans!

A weird combination? Sure. A delicious combination? You betcha!! :)

Have you found any creative ways to use up your Thanksgiving leftovers? Mixing mashed sweet potatoes with quinoa is up there on my list:)

Then it was time to get to another list – my to-do list.

I love making a few different batches of grains on Sundays to eat during the week. For this week, I went with quinoa for lunches and dinners (which I made a triple batch of when I made lunch) and steel cut oats for breakfast:


Pack it up in Tupperware and I’m set for the week!

After some laundry, cleaning, and blog work, it was play time!! The husband and I played by watching the Bears beat the Eagles (yeah!!)


Drinking some eggnog:


I know I dogged eggnog in my last post, but this stuff was pretty darn good. I could still only have a little half glass, but eggnog redeemed itself in my book!

and then some Christmas sparkling wine…


and decorated the tree!



We’ve had some of these ornaments for four years now, and every year, it’s still a surprise to me as I unwrap the paper towel we stored them in the year before :)

The obligatory and celebratory hanging of the first ornament:


The traditional owl ornaments (no idea WHERE this tradition came from…)


And Clarabelle regulating the entire time:

IMG_0575Hey, watch it!


Yep – looks good! …good to paw at 😀



It’s not a real tree – and I definitely miss the Fraiser Fur smell from my childhood, but this little guy does a pretty good job at replicating the smell:


Fresh Christmas Trees!! 😉

[Christmas] Cheers!


After dinner (which was provided by chef Amy and chef Tony – the pizza makers ;),) the husband and I headed to the basement to relax and watch a movie. He must have been listening when I mentioned I’d watched Shawshank Redemption at the gym and wanted to watch the rest, because he grabbed it for us to watch!

FYI – the whole movie is superb. I enjoyed all 142 minutes of it!

I also enjoyed a big slice of apple pie and some vanilla bean ice cream along with it


Mmm :)


Hope you guys enjoyed the end of your weekend! Here’s to a fresh start this week – let’s make it a good one 😀

I’m off to spin (first time in my new spin shoes!!!) and then working at the gym.

Later taters!

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  1. What a fabulous day. I’ve never seen Shawshank. That mixed bowl sounds good to me. I love roasted brussels…..they make any meal amazing for me. Eggnog is SO good! Josh doesn’t like it though so I never buy it…because I know I”ll end up drinking the whole container myself haha. Have a good week

  2. I love that combo with the sprouts and beans, totally my style! And where did you get the christmas wine? So fun!

  3. I LOVE that movie! I hadn’t seen it until last year, the horror :) Your tree looks pretty! I would get one, but I think my pup would eat all the lower branches right off hah…

  4. Great movie!

    I can so relate to standing in front of the fridge, starving, and just grabbing whatever I can get my hands on! I can’t say I’ve ever ended up with a bowl of greens after that 😉

  5. Ohh I hope your new spin shoes worked out! I love it when a movie sucks me in while I’m at the gym- it makes the workout fly by!

  6. That is a great great great movie – you should definitely see the entire movie! I haven’t seen it in several years (it seems), but maybe it’s time to resurrect it! Love seeing all of the decorated trees in the blog world!


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