Clipping In and Flying Out

Catching up from the long weekend?

My Turkey was a Happy, but Deprived Turkey

I got to see all of my cousins and eat a delicious Thanksgiving dinner at my aunt’s

My Blog got a Makeover and I got new shoes!

I hosted my first Thanksgiving dinner ever! 

I got back in the regular routine with shopping and Mexican food


This morning in preparation for waking up early for work the rest of this week, I forced myself to wake up an hour before I really wanted to. Not to worry, I had these to look forward to!


I went to the usual Monday mid-morning spin class at the gym I belong to, and today instead of wearing my running shoes, I was going to “clip in!”


Cute, eh? 😀


I got to class about 10 minutes early so I could have the instructor show me how to clip my shoes into the pedals per the Often Running’s direction. Unfortunately, all the instructor did was come over, point to where my shoe clip was, and watch me struggle to do it myself. Hrm… I guess all instructors are different, but I expected her to be a bit more helpful.

Have you ever had any experiences in group fitness classes with a not-so-helpful instructor? I can appreciate an instructor who lets newbies learn as they go, but when someone clearly asks for help, they should give their attention to whoever needs the help.

After fumbling for about 5 minutes, I was finally attached to my bike. I was surprised at how much faster I could pedal! Before I would tap out at about 124 RPM, but this morning I was able to get to 134!! That is…until during a quick paced “race” my shoe flew out of the pedal. Yeah…that was embarrassing!! Luckily, I quickly recovered and clipped right back and stayed put for the remainder of the class :)
I didn’t stay to lift weights or anything after class. My body’s a little tired anyway – tomorrow will definitely be a rest day. Instead, I raced home to get ready to go work at the gym.

Thankful for the bulk batches of grains I cooked up yesterday, I knew just what to eat for breakfast!

Steel cut oats – from Tupperware:


An overflowing half cup:


Joined by a smashed banana, a tbsp flax meal, a 1/4 scoop of protein powder, and a little almond milk:


Then just stir, heat, top, and eat!


Perfect! And a soul-soothing bowl of steel cut oats (the best kind, in my opinion) in less than 5 minutes:


This is pretty impressive, since cooking SCO takes about 30 minutes on the stove.

I had to pack my lunch to bring to the gym today, but I made use of the batch of quinoa I cooked yesterday, too.


Sauteed kale, quinoa, mashed sweet potatoes, pecans!

Food for the day:


Hopefully this holds me over :)

Hope you guys are having ease going back to the work week! It sure was a nice long weekend, no?

*Don’t forget to update your feeds! RAN moved this weekend from WordPress to Blue Host! :)

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  1. What a great idea to make your oats ahead of time! I love it!

  2. It feels so different to “clip in” for the first time. I love my spin shoes, though. I would recommend them to anyone who takes class often. Way to be speedy!

  3. That would have annoyed me. You were clearly asking for help! Ah well, you figured it out 😀

    I love baking big batches of food for the week. It takes up a good chunk of the day but makes the rest of the week so much smoother!

    Also- your most recent comment did NOT go to my spam filter- it went right to the post :) :)

  4. I am not big on group classes, but I kind of feel like the point of the instructor is to…you know, keep everyone challenged, but in-the-know. “Clipping in” definitely qualifies as a solvable mystery :) AND you came early.

  5. new bloggie layout and move looks great!! what an ordeal tho to change/transfer..Ive been putting mine off for ummm…2 years now :)

  6. I just discovered the delicious combination of sweet potato and pecans on Thanksgiving, so I think your lunch looks awesome!

  7. I love using spin shoes… at my new spin studio they have free clip in shoes, you aren’t allowed to wear sneakers. Your shoe probably unclipped because you twisted your foot a little!

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