I’m Not So MacaSure

OK. So maybe I lied about the leftover thing. But I needed lunch today fast…and it was … there. It was a vulnerable moment 😉 OK Leftovers, now get out of my life! — I’m Not So MacaSure Last week, Krystal from Sequel – the company that makes Vega products, offered to send me its […]

Tri-ing to Stay Fit

Today’s the first BIC day I’ve had in 10 days! I’m having a mini "I don wannnnaaaa” moment right now. But I’m sure I’ll get over it 😉 I have a cute outfit in mind for my first day back. That always helps for me – does it for you? I’m thinking this one: bahah- […]

Clipping In and Flying Out

Catching up from the long weekend? My Turkey was a Happy, but Deprived Turkey I got to see all of my cousins and eat a delicious Thanksgiving dinner at my aunt’s My Blog got a Makeover and I got new shoes! I hosted my first Thanksgiving dinner ever!  I got back in the regular routine […]

Eggnog Redemption

I must have really did a number on my legs yesterday between weights and yoga. Even a full 70 minutes of cardio yesterday morning barely loosened them up. Wait…70 minutes of…cardio? Yes. I intended to just do a 30 minute HIIT sesh followed by a little step mill. But just as I stepped onto the […]

Keeping Regular

*****Since RAN is now self-hosted, make sure to update your feed subscription by clicking on the Subscribe button in the upper right hand corner of the screen***** *****Spam filters think my comments are spam. I am commenting (!), but most of them are winding up in your spam folders. If you could check and click […]

My First Thanksgiving Meal

OK. First thing’s first. Update your feed for Running Around Normal by clicking the subscribe button in the upper right corner! I made the switch to Bluehost yesterday (and got a new blog design!) so the feed has also changed. Secondly. Lately (for the past two weeks, I’ve been hearing!) nearly all of my comments […]

Black Friday Hypocrite…and a New Running Around Normal!

Well, I was going to wait until tomorrow to post because…… A. It’s RAN Household Thanksgiving 2010 Preparation Insanity in the kitchen right now: and B. I’m running out of daylight to take pictures!! But I can’t help myself. As you can see, Running Around Normal looks a little different this afternoon!! That’s because this […]

The Gang’s All Here

I have been loving reading everyone’s Thanksgiving recaps. It makes me so happy to read about what so many of you are thankful for and how happy your Thanksgivings were. For my non-US readers, Happy Friday Thanksgiving 2010 was a fantastic one! It started at the gym. I met my girl Heidi at the gym […]

Happy Turkey…Day

There’s a turkey in my freezer and I’m unsure what to do with it to get it from freezer status to serving status.   What I do know… It’s organic And it lived a happy life (the lady at the butcher shop said so 😛 ) And this turkey was raised on an Amish farm […]

Working Out and Baking Out

It has been an entire day of baking over in my neck of the woods! Well, baking and workouts, it seems. After I posted this morning, I was on my way out the door to a power yoga class when the husband called me and let me know his “gaming chair” (don’t ask…) would be […]

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