There’s Room to ‘Loom

Hola! How’s it goin’ friends?

Yesterday was finally a productive day. The to-do list got to-done all the while the day remained relaxed.

Reason #gazillion why I love having a nonstandard work week:



At approximately 1:00 yesterday afternoon, I stood in my kitchen and relaxingly sliced an heirloom tomato to place on a sandwich.



This doesn’t happen at a 9-5 job! At a 9-5 job, I’d take my lunch out of my lunch pack, and either throw it in the microwave, or eat it cold.



Nevermind the fact that today that’s exactly what I’ll be doing. Yesterday, it wasn’t.



An or-ange heirloom tomato + avocado + balsamic reduction + raw sharp cheddar on a multigrain Arnold Sandwich thin.




Plus salsa + Blue Hot chips and cantaloupe + balsamic reduction

I love taking the time to make a meal in the middle of the day – even if it’s as simple as a tomato sandwich :)


Before training a client yesterday evening, I had the pleasure of meeting Lindsay, another local blogger here in Bloomington/Normal. Lindsay and I have talked for quite some time now, and even ran into each other at the grocery store, but haven’t really officially “met” until yesterday! We had plans of meeting on the trail for a run, but about a half hour before meeting, it started to rain. So we met at the gym instead!

Today was an easy run day, so I ran about 3.5 miles with an average pace of about 9:30.

Lindsay ran alongside me, and mentioned it’d been quite some time since she’d run as long as she had, since she’s been focusing on classes more instead. It was a great workout for us both! Lindsay was super sweet, and we chatted the entire time and it just flew by!

After our run, Lindsay handed me a bright green bag:



Inside was a super cute puppy dog mug      IMG_9238  

and some cookies that are basically melt-in-your-mouth delicious:



Heh heh




Can’t wait to meet up for our next run, Lindsay! 😀


Off to work, work, work. My workday today consists of the hours 7:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m. Ay, ay, ay. The husband mentioned he thinks I should take a break from taking on any new clients until I have a couple drop off. I think he may be right!


Which fellow bloggers do you know of where you live, if any? I’ve only met Lindsay here in town, but there’s also a couple others who live in the area! And then there’s of course my Chicago Crew of bloggers 😀

Cop out, completely unrelated question: Any tips for brushing a dog or cat’s teeth?!


I took Niko to the vet the other day and the vet recommended starting tooth-care now. So I bought a crap ton of supplies and some really fun kid-sized brushes. But all Niko did was twisted and turned and convulsed until I threw in the towel.

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  1. Chicago crew! woot woot! :) I’m excited to hopefully see you in a few weeks!

  2. A few years ago our vet told us that we needed to start brushing our cats’ teeth. We did it a few times and they hated it! I don’t want to be a bad kitty-mommy, but I haven’t figured out a way to do it that’s tolerable yet. I’d also love to hear if anyone else has figured out how to do it.

  3. Aw, fun meet up! The mug is too cute. I’ve actually found a lot of local bloggers and have met up a few times- it’s super fun!

    As for little dog teeth brushing- It’s a two person job IMO. One person has to hold the pup’s body/head still while the other brushes. I got a small toothbrush for small breeds at the pet store with chicken flavored toothpaste. My dog isn’t a fan but I can get it done 😀

  4. I would love to do a blogger meet up! But I honestly don’t know of any bloggers around me. I think one may be moving here soon though…Although I’d be pretty nervous! I’m not great at meeting people for the first time. But it seems that whenever people do blogger meet ups, they instantly click :-)

  5. Sounds like a fun meet-up! There are several great bloggers here – Retta from Run Retta Run, Lisa from I’m an Okie, and Justine from Learning to Eat Properly are among my faves.

  6. I too LOVE my whacky hours!! I died doing 8-5 Mon-Fri this past winter. It tuckered me out. But for some reason, I can crank out 10 hour days, and so long as the hours are all over the place, I don’t get bothered by them.

    I was checking out Healthy Living Blogs yesterday and it looks like there are at least 20 Toronto area bloggers! Cah-razy!! I’ve probably met a dozen and they are honest-to-goodness all amazing women. Some of which I would call real “friends” now. I’m very lucky to be surrounded by so many great bloggers!

  7. Check out the ASPCA website for tips on teeth brushing. I remember reading an article on there about it, but I don’t remember what the article actually said.

  8. elizabethlacy says:

    Is the toothpaste tasty for dogs? My cat can’t get enough of the toothpaste. She mostly just eats it but I can get a bit of brushing done before she finishes it all!

    Found your blog via HLB. I’m in C-U. :)

  9. I am so glad that I got the chance to meet you yesterday and I cannot wait until our next run together. I also hope that you enjoyed the cookies. They are most definitely my favorites!! :)

  10. Okay, that heirloom tomato is beautiful. It must have made for a spectacular sandwich.

  11. Today, I was given my very first blog-award, and I passed it to you!! If you have time, please check out my blog and see your award!

  12. So far I have only found one other blogger in the Kansas/Missouri area – Lauren @ laureninlawrence!

    I have never tried to brush my dog’s teeth but we do give him Greenies which are supposed to help clean their teeth. So far the vet has not recommended actual brushing – knock on wood!

  13. why do i never add balsamic reductions to sandwiches? WHY, paige.. WHY? i must! what a fun meetup with lindsay. she is a babe.

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