There’s Room to ‘Loom

Hola! How’s it goin’ friends? Yesterday was finally a productive day. The to-do list got to-done all the while the day remained relaxed. Reason #gazillion why I love having a nonstandard work week:   At approximately 1:00 yesterday afternoon, I stood in my kitchen and relaxingly sliced an heirloom tomato to place on a sandwich. […]

Rough Run; Lessons Learned

My seven miler yesterday morning was pretty rough.  I haven’t had a rough run like this in a long time. When this happened, I try to see the positive. Lessons Learned from Rough Run #1 – Set Your Alarm for the Right Day Before going to sleep Saturday night, I checked the weather. 75 degrees […]

Tapas for Two

Saturday passed by in such a flash! I enjoyed it pretty thoroughly, but was still surprised to look at the clock and have it say 9:00 pm all of the sudden! I spent the afternoon training clients, pedicuring (heh,) and shopping with a friend. The final stop was at  Fresh Market where I left with […]

Late Sweet Summer Quinoa

Hi there! I missed Fun Run Friday’s post. I did it, but I didn’t have any time to post the rest of yesterday. So I suppose it will have to wait until next week! Until then…   I’ve had a box of quinoa sitting in my pantry for approximately two months. Don’t get me wrong. […]

Mental Multi-Tasking

Morning:D Happy Friiiiiiday! Since it’s Friday, I had a little fun with my typical whole wheat protein waffle breakfast:        I’ve been adding currants to EVERYTHING. Ever since I had them in my granola bars, I’ve become obsessed.   In fact, tomorrow I’m going to use them in an entirely new way in […]

How to Create a Training Plan for a Race

G’morning! Per my training schedule, (which I’ll show you at the end of this post) yesterday I ran four miles with an average pace of 8:58. However, it wasn’t effortless. If you’ve been reading for a while, you know that I like to run in the morning, not long after I wake up, right after […]

Home Cookin’ on the Go

Hi there 😀 Yes, I’m well aware the title of this post could pose as an oxy-moron. However, this post serves to prove that false! As I mentioned in yesterday morning’s post, Tuesday was a marathon of a day. I worked 8 hours at the BIC, came home, shoveled food into my mouth, and went […]

Firsts Workout

Heya Heya! Whoa. Is it really the 24th day of August? Today was the first day of class for ISU here in Normal…made me reminisce back to my first day at ISU! I was so nervous!! Although it’s the end of the summer (ouch, it hurts just saying it!) I had my first real summer […]

Oh My Mint

Morning! How was everyone’s weekend? Pretty peachy over here Yesterday morning I had a change in plans, client-wise- and thusly, running-wise, and all of the sudden I was getting ready for a 6.5 mile run.                As I mentioned earlier, my next race in the Frank Lloyd Wright 10k in Oak Park. My goal […]

Coffee Convictions

Hello, hello! How’s your weekend going? So far, mine’s been a lovely stream of fun+relaxation+productivity. OK, I kind of lie on the last one, but anywho. Every morning, I can count on one thing, no matter what: Coffee. It looks a little like this.   Well, except on days I run half marathons, but that’s […]

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