Find a Camera, Pick it Up

Morning everyone! Soooo…remember that time I went to Mexico and lost my point and shoot camera along with all the pictures on the interlaying SD card? That wasn’t the first time I’ve lost a camera. In fact, my family and I have joked that I just can NOT keep cameras. Honestly, I think I’ve either […]

Chocolate Covered Crack

Hi all! I just finished training two early morning clients, followed by a walk with Niko on the gloriously warm and sunny day. So I think we all agreed that it’s just best overall to avoid extreme temperatures – hot and cold. However, I believe most of you said you’d prefer cold because you can […]

Lentil Sun Veggie Burgers

Good morning evening (I started this post this morning, and realized, “crap! I’m out of time!!”) lovelies:) First off, your comments from yesterday’s post were so, incredibly touching. You don’t understand how happy it makes me to inspire some of you who are in the same position as I was and are thinking about doing […]

Leaving my Desk Job to Pursue my Passion: Determined to Make a Change

Hi guys! How’s your day going? I hope it’s going splendidly:) I’m most likely off training a client on the other side of town – my last one of the night! I’ve been getting quite a few emails lately on how I made the transition from working at a desk job to working in the […]

Fashion Plates Police

Good*yaaawwwn* Monday morning! I was up pretty early to train a client, but I think I might squeeze in a nap after my second one. I slept like crapola last night! What a weekend! Saturday, as you know, I didn’t get into the race, but instead attended a group power class. Power power: Just yer’ […]

Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there! One thing that really sticks out from my childhood about my dad is the way he supported me in everything I did. Growing up, he watched every single sports game of mine he could – softball, basketball, volleyball, and even the dreaded cold and rainy soccer […]

Old (Green) Faithful

Hi there! Happy (late start) Saturday! So, I wasn’t able to sign up for the race, unfortunately. Well, I was, but I would have had to drive to the registration last night in a storm, drive back, then back again this morning. Call me lazy. There’s always next year! However, I see a race in […]

The Salsa Es Deliciosa

Morning morning! And happy Friday! I’m certainly basking in Friday-ness 😉 So yesterday felt like a Friday, now that I’m working back part time at the BIC. However, it was a looong Friday Thursday! It started like most do – at the gym, training a client. After training, I had a few hours before I […]

Separation Anxiety

Howdy! After my speedy four miler yesterday morning, I had a hankering for some hot oats. But now oats in a bowl…   It was worth every sweat bead that hot oats after a hot summer run like this produces.   Yum! Then I got ready and zipped off to the office for a bit. […]

Runrise and NuNatural’s Stevia Winners

Hiiii there! Having a good week so far? I just got back from an AMAZING sunrise run…a runrise! haha Anyway, I warmed up by taking Niko for a quick 10 minute walk, and then as I took off on my own, the sun was just popping over the horizon. Beautiful. I believe I made a […]

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