Pure Bottom Pleasure

Happy Friday!

It sounds like most of you guys are like me and have quite a bit a trouble napping. What is with that?!

I’ve already been up and at em for a while with yet another early morning client:D I actually like training clients early in the morning; it kind of forces me to get an early start to my day.

Yesterday was a wonderfully relaxing day. After my supah early training session, my head hit the pillow for about a 15 minute power nap. My next session wasn’t until the evening, so I packed up and headed to my mom and dad’s for the day! My mom and I were planning on shopping, so I knew lunch may or may not happen (shopping>lunch for my mom and me.)

So I packed up some fuel-to-go!


Green monster.



Green monster to go, big water, TLC bar.

There are no pictures to document the evidence, but we did indeed shop. I got a couple cute pairs of sale shorts from the Loft, and my mom got a few things at Banana Republic. Then we hit up Kroger, where I found a Greek Unicorn!


Chocolate Oikos Greek Yogurt!!! Pure pleasure on the bottom? Not sure that phrase makes me want to gobble up some greek yogurt

Moving on!

Before my evening client, I got started on dinner for Shane and myself:


Steamed asparagus + fillet mignot (which he grilled) + a biscuit for him.

Asparagus + leftover veggie chili + half a PB sandwich for me:



Don’t think I’m done playing with my newfound macro lens yet, folks.


After training, I watched this week’s Glee (LOVE) and hit the sheets before waking up and training this morning.

Just finished breaking the fast with this small gem:


I was so hungry I couldn’t resist taking a pre-pictured bite!



Now that that’s digested, I’m off to walk the pupster, and then run some hill repeats. I hear my next race has two pretty big hills in it, and I rarely train for hills, so I better get crackin’!



What are your plans for this long weekend? I kinda mentioned above, but one of my BFF’s, Destiny is coming to stay with me. We’re going to go see SATC. Obviously. And I’m going to go see it again with another group of girlfriends on Sunday 😀 I saw the first one in theatre 4 times! lol

Big or Aiden? I’m definitely a Mr. Big fan, but I know there a TONS of ladies who love them some Aiden:)

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  1. RAN mom says:

    Im a Mr. Big fan too, and I am predicting trouble.

    I’ve been procratinating because the weather is soooo much nicer, so I’d better get started with my walk/run to the gym and walk back. We finally say The Blind Side last night and loved it.

    Have fun and say, “Hi” to Destiny for us:-)

  2. Love your blog! I am seeing the SATC2 movie Saturday and Sunday night with two different girlfriend groups! So much fun – have a great weekend and enjoy the movie :)

  3. Aidan is best friend materiel. Big is where it’s at :)… TWSS!!!!

  4. hey, i LOVE the macro, keep em comin! have fun w/ destiny!

  5. Mr. Big fan all the way. If she cheats on him I’m boycotting!

  6. Aiden, definitely!

    Have a good weekend with your BFF.

  7. RAN mom says:

    Hope you enjoyed the movie. It just got a terrible review from some female movie critic:-(

  8. i like mr. big but i love me some aiden. nice guys are underrated.

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