Turning Point Twelve

Hey all! Happy Saturday! Figured I’d stop in for a quickie Saturday post.

It’s been a great weekend so far! After work last night, Shane and I headed to the dog park with Niko, and then to grab some groceries. Sticking to my Running Around (on) a Budget challenge, I succeeded in spending less than $50 per week.



Worth it when you think of it as getting an extra $100-$150 income each week.

When we got home, it was grillin’ time!

IMG_6464Veggie burger w/ avocado + ketchup, texas toast, steamed brussels sprouts, spinach and shroom salad.




Mmm…salty and peppery.

After we finished eating, we had a few friends over for a beer and some company. Niko also had one of her BFF’s over:



Aww, Niko and Arizona. Zoni ate all of Niko’s food :) hehe


Niko didn’t mind!

I ended up going to bed fairly early, because I had a BIG morning ahead of me – a 12 mile run!

Pre-run breakfast:



I’m happy to report it was a WONDERFUL run!! The past two long runs have been very, very difficult, and I’ve had to stop and walk several times. Well, today, I took my own advice about getting through a tough run, and I didn’t have to take one walking break! My average pace was 9:41, and I finished in 1:55:51.

Some pretty pictures along the way:



I think this long run is a turning point in my training. I’m gonna dominate that half marathon (in two weeks!!)

I immediately showered and refueled:


And then was off to train a couple clients. By then end of that, I was BEAT.

A Kombucha was in order, obviously.


(and a Fat Tire was in order for the hubski, apparently ;))

Spent some time in the backyard just chattin’ it up:



Then got to baking some birthday goodies!


Pecan, cranberry, coconut, chocolate clusters from Vive le Vegan.

I checked, and they weren’t poisonous.


IMG_6477   *phew* that was close ;)’

And finally just got done rolling around on the ground and watching Big Band Theory:


I swoon for you, oh foam roller. Shane makes fun of the sounds & faces I make while using this contraption LOL

Well I gotta get off of the computer. We have two birthday parties to go to tonight, and I gotta go get ready! Should be a great time 😀

How did you spend your Saturday?

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  1. Yayyyy!!! Ooh, I love it when we get all psyched out for a run and it turns out to be glorious. You really are prepared for that half marathon now!! Hope you had fun at the bday parties! You ate 12 miles worth of cake, right? 😛

  2. $50 a week is really impressive!!!

  3. 12 miles…girl you are movng right along! Double digits!! WOOT! Really proud of you….

  4. Umm you are going to ROCK that half marathon!!! Congrats!

  5. Yay for your awesome run! I’m happy for you!

    I don’t know how to foam roll, but it does sound like it would be lovely.


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