Guest Post: Race to the First Half Marathon

Hey loves! I’ve got a busy couple days – with work, training, and birthday celebrations 😉 The post below is from the lovely Amari from Eat Chic about training for her first half marathon. “See” you all tomorrow! :)


Hello from the windy city of Chicago! My name is Amari and I write for the blog Eat Chic. Paige has been so gracious to allow me to do a guest post on her adorable blog, thanks Paige!

While running has always been a passion of mine, I have never really gotten past simply running 5K’s every now and then. I want to take my running to a new level and Paige’s blog has definitely inspired me to do that! I have recently decided to sign up for the Chicago Rock n’ Roll Half Marathon in August!

I am extremely nervous but also very excited to train for it; I always love a new challenge to spice up my life!

I am also planning to complete a 5K and a 10K during the weeks of my training to keep me motivated along the way. I plan on running the Race to Wrigley Field 5K here in Chicago in April. I love the Chicago Cubs and cannot wait to run with other fans! In July I will be returning home to Omaha, NE (where I originally grew up before I dashed out to Chicago for college and graduate school) for another race that I do every year with my mom. It’s called Run for Justin and it supports the Leukemia/Lymphoma Society. Justin was a teenager who lived in Omaha and was killed by a car while on a run. His family organized the race in his honor and the crowds seem to grow bigger and bigger each year. I love running for a cause, it provides meaning for my running. Most registration fees for races typically go to supporting a cause so not only are you doing something you love, but you are also helping someone else every step of the way! If any of you readers have never run for a cause, I highly encourage it, it’s a wonderful feeling.

Anyways, back to the half marathon. Since spring is finally here, I cannot wait to take my running outside here in Chicago and run my long runs along Lake Michigan. Although, as Paige mentioned, it is NOT feeling quite like spring here in Illinois yet. Yesterday we got 1-2 inches of snow in Chicago, it was terrible! Hopefully it melts soon and spring returns.

I retrieved a free half-marathon training plan online from but altered it a bit since my race isn’t for 19 weeks and the plan is for only 12 weeks. I simply repeated some of the beginning training weeks to get me going. It is posted on my refrigerator and I can’t wait to get started this coming Monday!

In the past I began training for a half marathon in New Orleans, LA. My family was all going to vacation out there to watch me run the race. However a family medical emergency kept us from going and my training came to a halt right after I completed my first 8 mile long run. Hopefully this year’s race will be much more successful.

I will definitely be looking towards Paige’s blogs for pre- and post-run snack ideas as well as for motivation! :) Wish me luck as I go after one of my dreams!

Any advice for a first time half-marathon runner?

 Thanks, Amari! You’re gonna “rock” this half marathon! 😉

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  1. Good luck Amari. I was born and raised in Chicago, am also a Cub fan, and wish you the best in your upcoming August race! Chicagoans love participating and going to those races; you will have a ball.

    Paige picked a great, guest post person:-D

    • About ten years ago, Michael York also narrated the enitre Book of Psalms, KJV. He’s fabulous! Look for it.BTW, congratulations on being spotlighted in the latest ish of Religious Sudies Review under “Biblical Studies on the Internet.”

  2. Good luck on your half! You will do GREAT! My advice- trust your training & treat injuries right away!!

  3. Hi Amari, I’m also going to be running the Chicago Rock n Roll as my very first half marathon! I’m definitely adding your blog to my reader right now! I love “meeting” other Chicago-area bloggers!


  4. Great post, Amari! My advice would be to listen to your BODY. And make sure your training plan has at least one speed work session a week:)

  5. What a wonderful post. I also thought about doing this half marathon!! No advice though because I’m running my first half marathon in april! ha

  6. Thanks everyone for the great advice! :)

  7. Good luck with your 1/2! 1/2s are so much fun! Just enjoy it and have fun!

  8. Having 19 weeks to train is great. I think sometimes 1/2 marathon training in 12 weeks is a bit short. You definitely have an advantage if there are any setbacks. Great guest post!

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