Sushi Place, Euchre Face

Hi guys! Having an awesome Sunday so far? I sure hope so Yesterday morning I met my friend, Missy, at her gym for a 4.5 mile run and some legs. I was pretty happy I was easily able to finish the run, because I haven’t really been doing many runs over 3.5 miles lately. However, […]

Alphabet Abs

Hola bloggerinos! Happy Saturday 😀 It’s bright and sunny and COLD here, but I’m just lovin’ it. So sick of clouds lately that any sun just brightens my day 😀   Glad you guys liked the personal training spoof I posted yesterday. LOL too funny. Shortly after I posted said video, I finally convinced myself […]

You. Only. U!

Hey guys! Happy Friday 😀 Ahh I just woke up from a glorious hour long impromptu nap. Ya know the kind where you just lay down for a second, and end up cuddling up with your puppy and sleeping it off for an hour? One of those gems. Now I’m trying to motivate myself to […]

Give it a Whirl

Oh, hiii 😀 Hope your hump day was smooth sailing! Did you all catch Food 101 with Michael Pollan (and Alicia Silverstone) on Oprah today?! First of all, I’m just SO SO SO glad they and Food Inc are getting this kind attention/recognition. The show itself seemed a little off, though. Oprah herself seemed in […]

Spare Me

Hey, all! How was your day? Mine was pretty much your standard Tuesday. Seemed like a looooong work day though. In fact, I could have spared myself the entire afternoon portion of the workday! The morning half passed by fairly quickly, though. Worked through some emails when I got in, while munching on some oatmeal: […]

A Whole Lotta (Enchilada) Love

       Hey hey hey! How ya feelin’ today? I woke up in a surprisingly great mood today for a Monday! It might have had something to do with the fact that I almost got eight hours of sleep last night 😀 Went to bed around 8:30, read, and was asleep by 9:15! I used to […]

This is How I Roll

Good morning! Happy Sunday 😀 How’s it going for ya so far?   I woke up at 6:00 this morning to blow my nose and could NOT fall back asleep. Argh. Laid there with the petski’s until about 7:00 and then dragged my butt outta bed. This made it all better though!   Kiss me […]

Is that Fish Eggs?!

Hey hey lovelies! How’s your Saturday going? Mine’s been great! I woke up supah early around 7:00. Why so early? Well, let’s just say the hubski and I couldn’t even make it until Conan last night (we DVR’d it though.) Talk about a couple of par-tay-ers! haha But before crashing out, we watched Valkyerie (which […]

Blame it on the Theraflu

What up home slices? 😀 Happy Friday! Woo hoo! I feel like I’ve been waiting for this day for-ev-er! Or maybe just since Monday 😉 I woke up today feeling not much better than I did yesterday, but I made it to work since today was only a halfie. And actually, when I got to […]

Carbo Cravings

Hey guys! Tea Theraflu and cookies Breakfast cookie. Hey, it works.        Sorry I flaked out on ya’ll last night, but I had a supah busy night, and then when I finally got home I started to feel like I was coming down with something. Boooo:( Another flu bug is going around the office, and apparently […]

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