A Baking Bonanza, + Hers Lasagna Rollups Recipe

Good morning bloggies!! Happy New Years’ Eve!! Got any big plans tonight? We’re just doing the ushe. For the past four or so years, we’ve hung out with the same couple, Destiny and Steve, and this year our friends, Kim and Jason will be joining us! We usually stick around our house, because in this […]

A Camera Close Call

Heyyy everyone! I’m switchin’ it up and posting before I hit the sack tonight. I’m so glad ya’ll liked my goals for 2010! Thanks for all of the encouragement and help, too. Seriously ya’ll know how to lift someone up! 😀 Not to mention, all of you had just as wonderful goals. I can’t wait […]

2010: It Will be what YOU Make of It

Good morning, bloggy friends 😀 Now that Christmas has come and gone, the New Year is just around the corner. I can’t believe it’s this week! 2009 really sped on by… [source] In retrospect, this year has been such a pivotal year for me. Even though I never actually sat down and wrote out my […]

I’ll Bet You Could Juice That!

Howdy, howdy! Nothing like starting off a week than some fresh squeezed carrot, apple, and grapefruit juice! More on that later 😉 This past weekend was a pretty short Christmas vacation (worked up until noon on Christmas Eve) however, somehow I feel adequately rested, even with all the celebration! In fact, we concluded our Christmas […]

Santa Left me Something Extra

Good morning, lovlies! Are we all recuperated from this weekend? I am well on my way! I am currently sipping on some Kona coffee (Fresh Market’s is best) and mentally preparing myself for a kick butt workout. I actually had grand plans of going to the gym upon waking, but my plans were deterred when […]

Merry Christmas to All

Hey again! Did you all have a wonderful Christmas, if you celebrated? I really hope so!! Mine was great – relaxing, full of family, and full of good food and drink. What more can you ask for? The husband and I ended up working straight up until noon on Christmas Eve. You know what that […]

Wishing You a Very Merry Christmas

Oh, Hai!     I hope you’re all having a delightful Christmas, and that you got everything you want and more! Buck says Happy Holidays!   Tomorrow I’m going to write up a fun Christmas Eve and Christmas Day recap, but for today, I’m off to celebrate! Be safe, be merry, and have FUN!

My Post-Workout Stretch Routine

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVE!! 😀 I, for one, can’t believe it’s already here! For some reason, it doesn’t feel like it to me. One reason might be because I’m about to go get ready and head into work for a half day – gotta make that dough! Another – I didn’t have time to do any […]

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